Episode 7

October 03, 2023


Swimming with Data | Diving into Student Life

Swimming with Data | Diving into Student Life
UVA Data Points
Swimming with Data | Diving into Student Life

Oct 03 2023 | 00:47:20


Show Notes

This episode is a collaboration between UVA Data Points and Hoos in STEM.

This episode of UVA Data Points features Ken Ono discussing the growth of data science at UVA and its increasing importance in various disciplines, including how he uses it to help swimmers improve performance. Ono is a professor of mathematics and STEM advisor to the provost, as well as a professor of data science by courtesy. He recently supported the women's team at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Japan.

Ono speaks with three UVA swimmers who are pursuing graduate degrees in data science and statistics while also performing as student-athletes: August Lamb, Kate Douglass, and Will Tenpas. They discuss student life, balancing academics with swimming, and how data science and mathematics are helping them win championships.

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